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Pinterest Marketing Masterclass teaches the ins and outs of Pinterest. An insightful introduction to copywriting, this course provides proven methods for SEO and building your brand online, taking users through the process of creating a strong brand persona and fully extracting the potential from Pinterest to create highly effective social media marketing campaigns. With guidance and examples provided throughout, do-it-yourselfers will learn how to create a unique online identity that will allow them to draw in interested parties with targeted copy that gains conversions from search engines by implementing valuable keywords. Course Launch: January 1, 2021

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This is the self-study program you will learn everything about the following sub-topics:

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    • Facebook & Instagram Shop Integration

    • Pinterest Speedy Growth

    • High YouTube Organic Search

    • E-Mail Newsletters and Blog Articles

    • Podcast with Pinterest

    • Lead Generation: How to Gain Clients

    • Billboard Advertising

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